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Get Started with Yoga! A Personalized Yoga Program ~ 3 Session Package - $197

This 3-session personalized yoga program is designed for you!

This program is currently offered online, via Zoom. If you are local and are interested in working with me in person, contact me to discuss your options.

Get started with a customized yoga practice from the comfort of your home! With this 3-session package, you will learn a yoga practice designed especially for you, that meets you where you are and address any issues or areas that you would like to work on.

At the end of these 3 sessions, you will have a complete home practice that you are comfortable with and can continue on your own for as long as you’d like.

Your private online sessions will be supported with a clear and written guide for you to follow on your own.

Session #1 (one hour)

Prior to this session, you will have completed a self-assessment and health history form which we will go over together. We will then discuss your goals, concerns, and any issues you would like to address with your yoga practice.

You will then be guided by me through a yoga program based on this assessment, that will be designed and paced to meet your goals and address your needs.

In addition to the physical practice of yoga (Asana) and depending on your needs, your yoga program may include meditation, guided meditations. mantra and breathing practices.

The 3 sessions will be spaced out in a way to allow you time to practice and integrate what you’ve learned in between sessions (typically about 2 -3 weeks apart.)

To help you stay consistent with your home yoga practice, you will receive a written guide with pictures and clear instructions which you can view on your computer or print out. This guide will be updated after each subsequent session.

Sessions #2 and #3 (45 minutes each)

During these sessions, we will review your current practice and go over any questions you have and make adjustments or modifications to your yoga practice. Additional postures or practices will be added during these sessions.

During your last session, we will go over your program and make sure you are comfortable with it. You may want to continue with your current practice at home for a long time or you might be ready to join a local group class or online class. I can give you recommendations on the types of classes that might suit you. You will also have the option of continuing to work with me privately or joining one of my group classes.

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~ Who is this program for?

Anyone who is interested in learning yoga and experiencing the many benefits yoga offers such as: improving mobility, balance, strength, concentration, easing pain and stiffness, decreasing stress, improving sleep and more!


Yoga is a practice that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of physical ability, gender, or age. You will be guided through a yoga program that will be customized to your meet you exactly where you are.

~ But what if I’m out of shape or can’t get on the floor? What if I have pain or recently had surgery or an injury? Can I do yoga?

Yoga can be adapted for all types of bodies and conditions. Yoga can be done on the floor, on a couch or bed, in a chair, or standing up. If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, you can still have a yoga program designed for you. As a physical therapist for over 34 years, I am experienced in working with all types of bodies and conditions. This yoga program is NOT PHYSICAL THERAPY, but it can be an important complement to your physical therapy.

~What special equipment will I need to take part in a yoga program?

Although not essential, a yoga mat is really helpful. Other than that, you might not need anything else. But some of the props that we use in yoga can be useful. You may want to purchase yoga blocks or a strap, but you can also use household items such as a folded blanket or a belt for stretching.